COVID-19 Pathway Testing Resources

The core function of The Floor – Emergency Department Simulation is to help clinical staff improve their decision-making and leadership skills. However, during the pandemic attention has shifted to the testing and redesign of pathways.

To help ED teams test and refine their COVID-19 pathways we have developed a new and temporary way of using the game during the pandemic. It consists of 2 elements:

  1. Free COVID-19 Expansion Pack of printed cards
  2. Free ‘DIY’ resources for creating your own floorplan, download.

All you need to run a COVID-19 simulation is a group of staff* for 90 minutes; any senior member of staff can facilitate the game without external support. These sessions also offer an opportunity for staff to ‘decompress’ and address their own wellbeing during the debrief.

*If you do not want everyone in the same room, some of them can participate remotely via an online video call.

COVID-19 expansion pack

The expansion pack offers 9 new COVID-specific starting scenarios and 50 COVID-patient profiles based on real patient cases (not all COVID positive). Extra Spin and Lifeline cards help you to simulate a range of realistic situations that best suit the current situation in your ED.

The expansion pack was created by Dr Salwa Malik an Emergency Medicine Consultant at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

We are offering the COVID-19 expansion pack free-of-charge to anyone who already owns a copy of the game and for anyone buying a copy of The Floor – Emergency Department Simulation. The expansion pack consists of:

  • 9 Starter cards
  • 50 Patient cards
  • 18 Spin cards
  • 18 Lifeline cards

Download an overview of the components:

DIY Floorplans

EDs have been forced to change their floor plans and alter the flow of patients and staff. We have therefore created a simple ‘DIY’ method for EDs to create a simulation of their current floorplan that will make the game far more effective as a temporary COVID-19 planning tool.

We have designed a downloadable document that contains images of all the key items you need to create an ED floor plan including beds, side rooms, X-ray & CT rooms. This document can be printed, and the images cut out and placed onto sheets of A1 paper (flip chart paper is ideal) to recreate your current layout.

You can use the printed boards in the game as a template to draw in the walls and corridors on the paper before adding the beds etc. This is a simple and quick job and the plans can be written on to capture ideas and issues generated during the game.

You can also use customised floor plans when the game is used for major incident simulations. For ‘normal’ training the printed boards remain highly effective.